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Background and Call
The Krauses married and began ministry in Buffalo, NY in1980. Appointed to the French speaking country of Ivory Coast in 1986, they served as AG World Missionaries for 20 years (1987-2006).

In 2002, with civil war looming, the Krauses left Ivory Coast to serve Global University as an international ministries department vice president.

In 2007, the Krauses answered God’s new call and the district’s invitation to minister to the growing foreign populations and unreached people groups in NYC. Paul and Julie are both under AGUSM Intercultural Ministries appointment and are both ordained with the NY District.  

Ministry Assignment
Paul and Julie followed the world migration of peoples to NYC. They jointly serve AGUSM and the District’s desire to provide a missional component where cultural, ethnic, and language differences hinder a relevant presentation of the Gospel.

Metro NY is a true global city comprising a complex diversity of peoples from the world’s cultures, languages, and religions, making it the greatest missional challenge in our nation.

Paul has encouraged the development of the Intercultural Ministries Department, an NYC Ethnic Leadership Forum, various ethnic church planting helps, an annual intercultural banquet, and a 5-course Intercultural Ministries study tract under NY-DSOM.

 John the Revelator saw a diverse and uncountable multitude from every nation, people, tribe, and tongue, worshipping as one before the throne of God. The heavenly vision shines a guiding light on today’s church transforming our practices and attitudes. Many interpret the flood of foreign ethnic immigrants coming into NYC as God bringing the world to our doorstep. Consider the cross-cultural opportunity. 47% of the people living in Queens, NY are foreign born and 53% speak a language other than English at home.

Who are these new New Yorkers?, where do they reside?, what do they believe?, and most importantly, how do we reach them with the love of Christ? We are in the process of developing a Metro NY Intercultural Ministry Center to help connect, inform, and resource ministry to the culturally different.
Our family together in Chicago!

Newsletter Archives -

We’ve also included some of our favorite newsletters spanning over 20 years of foreign missions ministry. Rejoice with us in the Lord’s faithfulness through the years.  
Armed Robbery - July 2001
Article written by our daughter, Emily, on the robbery we experienced



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