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Northeast Japanese Annual Conference

New York City Ministry

NYC Intercultural Banquet 2013 - 2016

Hosted by the NY District - A Ministry Network, Intercultural Ministries. With over 125 guests, this year's banquet drew its highest attendance! 
Zollie Smith delivered a powerful message of motivation and mobilization to win the lost. Many nations were represented among the attendees including special guests from Liberia and Pakistan. The service ended in an altar call inviting ethnic representatives to claim the nations for Christ, thus complementing our theme: Reaching the Nations in our Nation. (Pictured below: Paul Kraus, Zollie Smith, John Cummings, and Cecil Moonsam.)

We celebrate men like Per
vez Khokhar, Urdu speaking, Pakistani pastor of Sutun E Haqq AG (pillar of truth). Before arriving in NY, he planted several churches in the Islamic city of Dubai and trained many leaders who planted churches in India and Pakistan. Brother Pervez felt a strong desire to preach the gospel unhindered and saw a vision of crossing the ocean. He did not come here for a better life, or job, or education. He came because of a vision to preach the gospel.
(Pervez Khokhar (left) wife Sakina, and friend)
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